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Children's Bible Curriculum

Looking for bible courses? Click on the icon to get to the school or topic you are interested in. If you wish more information about the course contents or want to study in French, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, or German, please contact us!

Spanish information can also be found here.

Graduate School Registration Fee

130,00 €

Graduate Course Tuition

395,00 €

Graduate Study Guide

35,00 €

UG School Registration Fee (Study Program)

100,00 €

UG School Registration Fee (Single courses)

70,00 €

UG College Course Tuition

200,00 €

UG Study Guide

35,00 €

BSB Registration Fee

40,00 €

BSB Course Tuition

65,00 €

BSB Study Guide

25,00 €

SED Registration Fee

15,00 €

SED Course Tuition Christian Life Series

10,00 €

SED Course Tuition Christian Service Series

15,00 €

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