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Our Projects 

10 FOR 1

GU Germany e.V. has the vision to reach the lost and train the found. Our School for Evangelism and Discipleship offers courses to give orientation to new believers and learn more about Christian Life.

Why do we need "10 for 1"?


1) We offer the course "Your New Life" for free to new believers. 10 € enable 1 student to participate this course.

2) In 2020, 432 students in Germany - refugees from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria - completed courses of our Christian Life Series in Farsi and Arabic. Due to their financial situation, they were glad to accept help from our "10 for 1" project.


Also retirement, migration background, unemployment and other reasons can make it very difficult to finance the Bible studies, especially the Undergraduate or Graduate Studies. Several missionaries from Eastern Europe are waiting for scholarships to start or continue their master programs. The number of requests from refugees for discipleship courses is constantly increasing.

If you would like to help a student finance his/her studies, you're welcome to donate once or regularly.

Our Bank Details for donations:           

GU Germany e.V.

IBAN: DE76 5519 0000 0953 8880 13


We are a non-profit organisation. Donation receipts will be issued.

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