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This course is designed to introduce the student to the spiritual, private, and public worlds of Muslim women as a prelude to reaching them with the message of life. The author investigates barriers preventing the spread of the gospel among Muslims. Emphasizing the need to be well acquainted with the world of Muslim women to minister effectively, she presents biblical models of witness that build trust and community in which the gospel can be heard and received. Muslim women represent a major area of potential for reaching into the community of Islam. Because of cultural restrictions, reaching Muslim women requires dedicated, Spirit-filled, and trained Christian women. This course is a major contributor of such training.


If you are enrolled in this course for three credits, the third credit will be earned by completing a collateral reading assignment (CRA) based on the textbook "A Street in Marrakech by Elizabeth W. Fernea.

Women in Islam

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  • Study Guide

    Mary Ann Cate

    Women in Islam

    1st edition, 246 pages

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