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This course introduces Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, who are called the “major prophets” simply because their writings are longer than those of other Old Testament prophets. Because it is impossible to consider each of the 166 chapters of their books in detail, we will study only selected passages, doctrines, and events.
These prophets were men with a message from God. We will look at these men themselves, their call to God’s service, the task God assigned to them, and the problems and difficulties they faced. Then we will consider the message God gave them to preach: the truth about God, about judgment, and about salvation. We trust that this course will not be just a matter of studying three books from the Old Testament, but that it will have an important application in your own life and ministry as well.


If you are enrolled in this course for three credits, the third credit will be earned by completing a collateral reading assignment (CRA). This assignment is based on the textbook "The Prophets as Preachers: An Introduction to the Hebrew Prophets by Gary V. Smith.

Themes from the Major Prophets

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  • Study Guide

    David Petts

    Themes from the Major Prophets

    5th edition, 304 pages

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