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Paul’s Salvation Letters: Galatians and Romans gives the student a deep appreciation of the apostle Paul. In the midst of church planting, he explains the gospel, confronts false teachers, distinguishes between law and grace, and shows how the gospel is rooted in Old Testament Scripture. His systematic explanation of the gospel to the Romans gives the student insight into the major doctrines of sin, salvation, and sanctification. The student also learns how union with Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit enable him or her to mature spiritually and live victoriously.


If you are enrolled in this course for three credits, the third credit will be earned by completing a collateral reading assignment (CRA). This assignment is based on the textbook "Romans, Revised Edition, by F. F. Bruce

Paul's Salvation Letters: Galatians and Romans

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  • Study Guide

    William F. Lasley

    Paul's Salvation Letters

    2nd edition, 441 pages

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