21st Century Discipleship Series, Volume 3


Every follower of Christ has influence. This book will encourage and prepare Christians to serve Christ.


Lessons in this book are the following:

1. Developing Vision
2. Christ-Centered Goals
3. The Mission of Evangelism
4. A Teachable Attitude
5. Servanthood in the Local Church and Beyond
6. Making the Most of Your Time
7. Your Abilities and Talents
8. Developing Leadership Ability
9. The Importance of Teamwork
10. Building Unity in the Local Church
11. Handling Conflict
12. Improving Your Attitude
13. Overcoming Obstacles


All 3 volumes of the 21st Century Discipleship Series together: 25,- €


Making a Difference - Volume 3

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  • 21st Century Discipleship Series

    Volume 3 "Making a Difference"

    222 pages

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