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Have you ever wondered what God’s design is for your life? Perhaps you are a new believer, or maybe you have been a Christi-an for several years. Nevertheless, as you have continued to follow the Lord, it is possible that you have found questions like these arising in your mind:

Now that I am a Christian, what does God want me to do next? How will He tell me about it? When difficulties and troubles come, does this mean that I have missed His design? What about the future? Will He show me anything about it? How should I respond to what He reveals?

This course is designed to help you find answers to these questions. As you study each lesson, you will find out more about God’s design for you and how you can choose to follow it. You will discover that you are already part of His design.


در این کتاب می‌خوانیم چگونه ما با اطاعت کردن از خدا، به اجرای نقشه‌ای که او برای زندگی ما دارد کمک می‌کنیم.

God's Design - Your Choice

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