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21st Century Discipleship Series, Volume 1


Starting right is a key step to success in the new believer's journey of faith. This volume leads the new believer into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Capitalizing on the joy and excitement of being born again, the lessons in this book are the following:

1. Your First Steps as a Christian
2. The Journey of Discipleship
3. How to Get the Most out of Bible Study
4. Nurturing a Passion for Prayer
5. Developing and Using Your Faith
6. Your New Spiritual Home, the Church
7. The Heart of Worship
8. Getting to Know the Holy Spirit
9. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
10. Becoming More Like Jesus: Sanctification
11. How to Deal with Temptation
12. The Fruit of the Spirit
13. Beating Fear and Anxiety


All 3 volumes of the 21st Century Discipleship Series together: 25,- €

Getting Started - Volume 1

SKU: DA2101
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  • 21st Century Discipleship Series

    Volume 1 "Getting started"

    241 pages

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