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This course is an interpretive study of Genesis with emphasis on the meaning and divine purpose in the major events and persons. It traces God’s plan of redemption from its promise in Eden to the formation of a nation of God’s chosen people through whom the plan would be realized. The student will discover the doctrinal implications in Genesis and see their interpretation in the New Testament. Information from archaeological discoveries will strengthen the student’s faith in the Bible and give him or her a better understanding of life in ancient times. The student is helped to answer the arguments of those who point to seeming conflicts between Genesis and science. Content and study methods build a good foundation for future Bible studies. Practical applications throughout the course will inspire the student and help him or her solve his or her everyday problems.


If you are enrolled in this course for three credits, the third credit will be earned by completing a collateral reading assignment (CRA). This assignment is based on the textbook "Encountering the Book of Genesis" by Bill T. Arnold.


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  • Study Guide

    Paul B. Hoff


    6th edition, 438 pages

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