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21st Century Discipleship Series, Volume 2


Blessings and challenges come in many forms. This book will equip believers to understand experiences common to all followers of Christ.

Lessons in this book are the following:


1. Overcoming Anger

2. Forgiveness

3. Building Better Relationships

4. Perseverance

5. Receiving God's Correction

6. How to Handle Failure

7. The Gifts of the Spirit

8. Your Money

9. Why Does God Permit Suffering?

10. How to Discover God's Will

11. Understanding Spiritual Authority

12. Finding Your Place in Ministry

13. Striving for Excellence


All 3 volumes of the 21st Century Discipleship Series together: 25,- €


Facing Issues - Volume 2

SKU: DA2102
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  • 21st Century Discipleship Series

    Volume 2 "Facing Issues"

    233 pages

  • Delivery within 3-5 days

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