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The Children’s Bible Curriculum shares the fundamentals of faith from a Spirit-filled perspective. Children at various age levels have the opportunity to hear the gospel and grow in their faith as they explore topics such as spiritual life, the Bible, theology, the church, service, and Christian ethics.
Each lesson in the Children's Bible Curriculum parallels the topics found in the Christian Life Series. Through the Following God series and other learning tools, the curriculum’s appealing lesson plans and activities are tuned to children’s unique developmental needs and abilities.

Teachers appreciate how easy the Children’s Bible Curriculum is to use. Instructor Guides offer lesson plans complete with visuals, activity suggestions, and memory verses for every lesson. Student workbooks are filled with pencil pages that capture the interest of children while helping them retain biblical truths.


Special Offer: Grade 1 Kid's Study Guide plus Instructor's Guide plus a free copy of "God loves you"!

Children's Bible Curriculum - Grade 1 special

30,85 € Regular Price
20,00 €Sale Price
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