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This course deals with the continuing ministry of the resurrected Christ in the world through the Holy Spirit. It examines the purposes for which the book was written. It traces the geographical and chronological expansion of the gospel from its Jerusalem-Judean base to Rome. It analyzes the major reason for the growth of the church in Acts and endeavors to apply these to the contemporary local church. Using the principles of divine guidance illustrated in Acts, it shows how the apparent defeats and setbacks described actually became victories and advances for the gospel, thus offering practical application to the student who may be undergoing similar difficulties. The course carefully examines the results of the filling with the Holy Spirit. It evaluates the implications of this spiritual enablement of first-century evangelism and offers practical suggestions for the work and ministry of the modern church in terms of the divine strategy and enablement. And finally, it challenges the student to spiritual fulfillment through the filling of the Holy Spirit.


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  • Study Guide

    George O. Wood


    3rd edition, 533 pages



    F. F. Bruce

    The Book of the Acts (Rev. ed.)

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