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Wiersbe - Be Daring
Wiersbe - Be Committed
Wiersbe - Be Authentic
New in our book shop (Farsi)
Warren W. Wiersbe's Be-series:
  • Be Diligent (Gospel of Mark)
  • Be Daring (Acts 13-28)
  • Be Authentic (Genesis 25-50)
  • Be Committed (Ruth and Esther)
7,95 € each or all together 27,- €
COMING SOON (planned for Summer 2019):
Online courses of our Christian Life and Christian Service Series
in Arabic and Farsi.
Send us an email for more information.
Five books for a reduced price, thanks to our "10 for 1"-donors:
Your New Life, Your Bible, Who Jesus is, We believe, When You Pray.
Read more here.

In 2018, more than 100 refugees in Germany studied our courses from the Christian Life Series in Farsi or Arabic. Many of them were thankful for our project "10 for 1" (10 € for 1 student) to cover the costs of a course.

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CL2120ENE08-90_3C_cv AR cover.jpg

All 18 books of the Christian Life and Christian Service Series are available also in Arabic.


   The New Testaments in Pashto and Dari 

                       5,- € each

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